about meMember of the Faculty of Architecture in Naples began his profession as a photojournalist in Naples in 1988 and provides services for Italian and foreign magazines. Tranferred to Milan, he takes photos for sector agencies and imaging studies in Milan and abroad. He capture the fashion shows in Milan-Paris-New York since '95. His professionalism is recognized by AFIP (Association of Italian Professional Photographers) of which he became a partner. Researcher and holder of knowledge of photography techniques, tools and studio lights, now he works closely with Advertising Agencies, Image studies and publishing titles known throughout the world for the implementation of services in fashion, advertising and portrait.


His best client is Kean Etro with whom he collaborated for many years by providing services to fashion and advertising based on the portrait and expression. Always in search of beauty and everything that is not monotonous he is introduced into the art world through his photographs taken for various solo and group exhibitions and in particular in which he describes his personal feelings of human life and the interrelationships that are created through the externalize their feelings that take shape through artistic expression of photography.